Even if you are not an expert removalist, you still know what moving day looks like. You move your furniture out, and you pack all your belongings into boxes. Then, you spend the day loading and unloading boxes. However, have you ever thought about those boxes? The size of your boxes can have a big impact on your removal. Therefore, learn these useful box tips for your big day.

Bigger Boxes for Lighter Items

As you accumulate boxes for your removal, sort them by size. You may be tempted to start throwing as much as you can into the biggest boxes, but start with a little more intentionality. Big boxes are very useful, but only if you pack them with lighter items. If you pack heavy things into a big box, then the box is likely to be impossible to move. Big boxes are great for pillows, clothes, plastics, towels, stuffed animals and other similar items. Things like books, glassware and tools should be in small, compact boxes for safe lifting.

Delicate Items Should Be in Small Boxes

Delicate items always deserve special care and attention during your Syndey removal. Therefore, pick your boxes carefully for these items. You will be safest matching the size of the box to the size of the item. You want enough room in the box for ample packing materials, but the box should not have a lot of extra space in it. Also, do not cram other items into the box. If there are other items in the box, there is a higher probability that something will get broken. This is why some people actually keep the original packaging for some breakable items. It makes moving with delicate pieces even easier.

Be Careful Closing Your Boxes

It is not just how you pack things inside the box. The way you close the box is also quite significant during your move. In all cases, boxes should be closed securely. The flaps should be overlapped as necessary, and lids should be firmly put in place. However, do not leave this to chance. Things slip and fall during a removal. Therefore, be sure to add packing tape into the mix. By sealing your boxes, you can be confident that nothing will spill open during the process.

Group Similar Items in the Same Box

Another great packing tip is to pack by theme or room. You should never just throw random items into a box. Instead, use boxes to sort your items before you move. Some boxes should just be for living room items. Other boxes should just be for kitchen items. You could also consider packing by category. You could have boxes for books or toys. Then, label the boxes accordingly to make unpacking go quickly..

The Quality of the Box Matters

Finally, you should be a little choosy about your boxes. Not all boxes are going to be up for the job. Think about what happens during a removal. Boxes are carried, tossed, loaded up and strewn all over. If you have used poor quality boxes, then your items are at risk. Get the best boxes from a professional removalist like Giraffe Removals. In fact, we can handle all the packing and moving for you. Contact our team today for a free quote on your removal.