Tips for relocating your office in Sydney

Moving your office premises from one place to the next in Sydney can certainly be a challenge. Perhaps the biggest challenge for a business is to ensure that they experience the least amount of downtime during the move. So, ideally the move should be well planned and consequently be swift. If you are currently planning to shift your office one of the things you should do is to plan every step at least a week or so in advance. Make sure that you speak to the removalists, get all the boxes needed and have everyone who is going to participate ready for that day.

Start by disconnecting your computer network

Even though businesses like to keep their computer networks running till the day of the shift that is a bad idea. You will have many other things to do on the day of the move and hurrying through the process will end up with lost and damaged equipment. Each year many businesses report losses because their equipment broke during the move. Ideally, the office network should be dismantled, and reassembled in the new office within 48 hours at least a day before the move.

Move the office furniture at the very end

The office furniture should be the last things that you move. Furniture like the desks, racks, and chairs are heavy and will require a removalist truck which is why it’s best to leave it for the end. However, things like files, and office items can be packed into boxes, labelled and loaded into the truck too. Though important files, computer drives and other mission critical information should be moved personally.

Make a list for every box

Each box should have a list of items it contains. The list should ideally be pasted on to the box. Fragile items like printers, scanners, keyboards etc. should be in a box marked as “Fragile”. That way the removalists will know how to stack and unload it. The list does not have to be highly detailed but it should give the person whose tasked with unpacking some idea as to where it should be unpacked and when. It goes without saying that some items and boxes are obviously of a higher priority in an office.

Get everyone involved

Packing up your office so that it can be relocated takes time but the more people you have the quicker it becomes. You can have a couple of your employees help with the task. Alternatively, the removalists should have enough people to handle the move too. Though if you’re going to hire removalists make sure that they specialize in relocating offices because then they will have the required expertise.

Put all wires and connectors into one box

All cables, wires and connectors should be in one box. One of the most common problems faced after an office is moved is finding the required connectors and cables. You can avoid a lot of hassle by simply putting them in together. That way the person responsible for setting up everything will know where to find exactly what he or she needs. The other advantage of this is that you can have the box with these cables transported with the equipment they are meant for which will avoid a lot of back and forth.

Get at least five quotes

As professional movers in Sydney we appreciate the fact that some people have done their research because then they know the value we provide. We strongly recommend that you get at least five quotes from movers that specialise in office removal. Make sure they include the number of people involved in the move, size of the truck etc.

Shortlist all the best removalists

Read reviews and get references from friends or family members when searching for an office removalist. Make a list of all the best ones you can find in Sydney and then speak to them over the phone to determine what type of customer service they have and if they sound reliable. You may also want to go as far as paying them a visit to take a look at their trucks and to see how professional they appear. Keep in mind that a professional removlaist will never have a problem with a potential client visiting them in person.

Move over the weekend

The best way to ensure that you minimise loss of business time is to plan and execute your move over the weekend. Saturdays and Sundays work the best. Though finding a removalist that will work over the weekend is a challenge. But there are a few albeit you’ll need to put in a bit of effort during the move because they may not be fully staffed or you may also be shorthanded. The upside being that your office should be ready for business first thing the following Monday.