things to do before moving day giraffe removals sydney

Moving day is an exciting and overwhelming time. As you empty out one house, you prepare to unlock the front door to your new home. However, before you even get to this big moment of your move, there are a lot of other things that have to be done. In fact, in order to ensure a smooth removal, you need to make a lot of preparations before moving day even comes. Here are six critical things to do before moving day.

1. Change Address at the Post Office

When you are preparing for a removal, you are already signing a lot of paperwork for leases, loans, deeds and more. These measures give you legal access to your new home, but none of these measures alert the mail carrier that you have moved. Instead, you need to notify the post office of your change of address. If you do not file paperwork with the post office, your mail will not be delivered to your new address. You can also get forwarding service, which allows your mail to be transferred from your old address to your new address for a set period of time.

2. Defrost Freezer

If you are moving your appliances, then pay extra attention to your freezer. This can include a refrigerator with a freezer and a standalone freezer unit. These items cannot simply be unplugged and moved. If you do not prepare these items, they can accumulate water and leak. Instead, take time to defrost your freezers. This allows any ice that has built up to be drained safely prior to your move. This is the best way to protect your appliances and your other items during the removal process.

3. Disassemble Furniture

You cannot load up the truck before moving day, but you can make sure your house is ready. While most people realize that they need to pack up their smaller belongings prior to moving day, not as many think about their furniture. If you have larger pieces of furniture, make sure that these items will fit through all doors and hallways. If you have any doubts, then disassemble these items in advance. Disassembling will not only make your removal go faster, but it will also make your removal easier. Heavy, awkward pieces of furniture are a literal pain. Breaking these items into pieces before the day arrives definitely helps.

4. Change Your Utilities

Your utilities are run to a specific house. If you do not notify your utility providers of your move, you will continue paying for service at the wrong house. Instead, contact the providers to let them know when you want to turn off service at one house and when you want to start service at the next house. Key utilities to change should be gas, electricity and water. Most people also have internet, cable and phone service. Any other services specific to your address should also be changed in order to ensure a smooth transition. For the best results, do not wait until after the removal.

5. Clear Out Your Pantry

When you are packing up all your things, you will eventually get to the kitchen. While you should take great care in packing your dishes, what should you do about your pantry? Some items that are boxed or canned can be moved, but you have to ask if it is worth the effort. Instead of trying to creatively pack your boxed and canned goods, you should simply try to plan your meals accordingly. If you can eat through the vast majority of items in your pantry, then you can minimize the amount of awkward items you have to pack. You already have a lot of boxes to carry. If you can reduce that amount by eating through your pantry in advance, then you should go for it.

6. Compare Removlists

If you are opting to streamline your home removal with a professional removalist, then make sure you have done your research before the day arrives. Spend some time prior to your removal looking at the different companies in Sydney. Make sure you compare the services each company provides and the cost of those services. You will want to get itemized quotes that relate to your specific circumstances. Getting all the quotes and comparing the range of services will take some time. For competitive rates and comprehensive service options, be sure to remember Giraffe Removals. Get your free service quote today.