During a removal, you are responsible for packing up your stuff. Once it is all packed, it must be meticulously moved piece by piece and box by box. This is not an easy task. A Sydney removal is the perfect time to clean house. Here are the categories you should look at carefully as you prep for your removalists to arrive.

1. Clothing

Most people have more clothes than they realize. Before your removal, get rid of the items you do not use anymore. Anything that is ripped, stained or too small should be thrown out. Items in good repair can be donated to charity, but some items will probably just end up in the trash.

2. Tools

When you are packing up your house for a Sydney removal, do not overlook the garage, storage room or shed. Most people have some assortment of tools. These tools can be heavy and dangerous to move. Therefore, analyze your tools. Keep only the things you use on a regular basis. This will simplify your move substantially.

3. Toys

Toys take up a lot of space, and they are noisy and cumbersome. On top of that, a lot of toys never even get played with regularly. If your children have more toys than they need, then spend time assessing their collection. Get rid of things they have outgrown, and let go of the things that are just collecting dust. Other kids will have a lot of fun with the toys your kids are not using any longer.

4. Games

You might have a vast video game collection. You could be into board games or card games. Whatever the case may be, look at your items carefully. Which ones do you play? Which ones are never touched? There is no point moving things that are just going to stay in boxes forever. Instead, reduce the strain of your move, and let some other family have a game night soon.

5. Dishes

Think critically about your dishes. Dishes are very difficult to move since many of them are oddly sized or breakable. Therefore, take some time to look at your dishes. Get rid of the extra coffee cups. Discard the chipped salad plates. Narrow down your silverware to matching sets. This will make it easier to get your new kitchen set up.

6. Cleaning Supplies

In truth, cleaning supplies are not the best to move. These supplies often contain chemicals. In some cases, it is dangerous to move these chemicals in a truck. First, make sure you know what is safe to move. Then, only pack what is absolutely necessary. You can always buy commonly used cleaners when you settle into your new place.

7. Books

Books are a great pastime. However, they are not the most fun to move. The sheer weight of books is one reason a lot of people need a professional removalist. Cutting back on your book collection will save you time and money. Think realistically about how many books you are going to read. Let go of books you have already read, and make space for something new.

8. Food

You should try to move as little food as possible. No perishable goods should be moved at all, and you should minimize the amount of boxed, canned or bottled items that you bring. It is simply too easy for things to get broken, and moving boxes are too easily infested by critters. Eat down your food supply, and donate what you do not need to others.

9. Furniture

Furniture cannot be packed neatly into boxes. Do you really want to move each piece? Think about the pieces you use a lot. Think about what pieces will fit in your new home. If you have the budget, do not be afraid to buy new items to fit a new space. Moreover, you do not need to clutter up a new house. Only move what you absolutely need.

10. Papers

Papers accumulate naturally in every home. You could have bills to be paid. You might have your kid’s schoolwork. There is no need to move most of this clutter. File the things that are really important or sentimental. Take a moment to recycle the rest. These steps will help you get ready for your removal. To learn how a professional removalist can help, call Giraffe Removals today.