Six Items That Need Special Attention When Moving House

A moving house involves packing up all your items and moving them to a new location. This is a stressful and arduous process. However, as you pack up your things, you should know that not every item should be on the moving truck. Before your big moving day, remember that these special items need to be handled differently.

1. Moving Instruments

If the instrument can be safely packed in a case, then it probably does not need special attention. However, larger instruments should be given extra consideration. This is especially true for pianos. Pianos are too large for one person to carry, and the average removalist does not have the gear readily on hand to move one safely. If you have a piano or other large or delicate instrument to move, consider hiring a specialist or a removalist with experience in instruments.

2. Moving Fine Art

Your average home decor is easy to move. However, fine art may warrant more thought. For example, fine china, expensive glassware and delicate pottery need to be handled with extreme care. Large sculptures may need to be removed separately. Canvas paintings should also be given special consideration. Some removalists offer special services for items of this caliber. If you are hoping to move these items on your own, then move them by hand in your personal vehicle. If possible, make multiple trips for all items of special value.

3. Hazardous Materials

When you think about items that warrant special care during a Sydney removal, usually you think about expensive or delicate items. However, items that need special care are not always precious. You need to give careful consideration to any hazardous materials in your home as you prepare for your removal. Some people use such materials in their work, but even normal household cleaners can be problematic during your removal. Specific items of caution can include batteries, aerosol cans, paint thinner, gasoline and fire extinguishers.

4. Plants

Plants are difficult to move because they are awkward to pack. However, in some cases, they can also cause other problems during your Sydney removal. There are some regulations that apply when moving plants across significant distances. This is to prevent the spread of disease from one region to another. Even ordinary houseplants can harbor pests. If plants are packed up on the truck, then these pests can escape and look for new homes in your boxes or furniture. For this reason, think twice before you move your plants.

5. Diving Equipment

Diving equipment may seem innocent enough, but it can be a problem during your Sydney removal. The reason relates back to hazardous materials. Diving equipment is not innately hazardous, but the oxygen tanks do pose a certain risk. Oxygen tanks can be explosive when handled incorrectly. If the tank is damaged or if it comes into contact with a spark, then the outcome can be disastrous. This is why your diving equipment needs to be treated with extra care during any removal.

6. Perishables

Finally, you should have as few perishable items as possible during your removal. Perishable items may not survive the removal, and no one wants to unpack rotten food. Moreover, perishable items may attract pests, which can cause problems for the rest of your items as well. Always talk to a professional removalist about your options during your upcoming transition. The experts at Giraffe Removals can help you plan the perfect removal. Contact the Giraffe Removal team today for a free quote.