When moving, one of the biggest questions is deciding what you should take with you. Certain items are so heavy and bulky that you might not want to take them with you. A piano falls into this category, which is why you need to think long and hard about whether you want to take that bulky piano with you on your next move. You might have many reasons to want to take the piano with you. For example, you might have a special emotional connection to it, or it might even be worth so much money that it does not make sense to leave it behind. Either way, there has to be plenty of thought put into taking your piano with you when moving to the Sydney area. The problem with pianos is that they are typically super heavy, weighing around 500 kg. That makes it difficult to get a piano out of your home and into the moving vehicle. In certain cases, you might not even be able to get it out of your home without expensive specialized equipment.

Deciding If You Should Move Your Piano

The first thing to consider when deciding to move your piano is its worth. It is crucial to understand the value of your piano because it might cost more to move it than you get if you sell it. Understanding how much it costs is also crucial if you intend to put it in short or long-term storage. Regardless of your decision, everything starts with the value of your piano. It is also crucial to understand the route you would take to get your piano out of your building. Can your piano fit in the elevator? That is also a major question you must answer before making any decisions. Consulting with a professional removalist in Sydney should be necessary before taking any other step.

Should You Ask Friends?

Moving a piano is not like other types of moving jobs. It might not be appropriate to ask your friends because of the amount of work that will be required. It is always better to ask a professional Sydney removalist to help you, but you might not have any other choice. The key is to organize everything to make the moving job as easy as possible for your friends. You must have all the necessary equipment to move your piano along with a route you are confident will work. Your friends should just come to help you and get the job done in minutes. That is because you don’t want your friends sitting there lifting a 500 kg piano while risking great harm to themselves. You should not ask your friends for help if you are not confident under these conditions. You also want to consider the legal liability of someone getting hurt when trying to move a piano.

The Logistics of Moving a Piano

The other thing you need to understand about moving a piano is that it is one of the most logistically challenging items to move. The truck you will rent needs to be able to handle the piano’s weight, and it should also have other equipment to help you get the job done much easier. You also need to consider the route around Sydney because a piano can do great damage if you aren’t careful.

Moving a Piano from a High-Rise Building

It is almost impossible to get a piano from a high-rise building. If you live on a high floor inside an apartment building, moving the piano might not be worth it. That is because the piano will require a crane in many scenarios. That means you must hire a crane operator to come out and get your piano out of the building. This is quite expensive compared to leaving the piano where it is. The only scenario with this makes sense is if your piano is worth thousands of dollars or is a priceless family heirloom. In these scenarios, the piano is worth any price to move to your destination in Sydney.

Getting a Crane?

As mentioned above, the biggest question is whether you need a crane. A piano crane costs thousands of dollars just to rent with the operator. That means you need to have a priceless piano to make it worth the price of getting it out of your building. Many people decide to leave the piano where it is instead of opting for the crane option. However, a piano crane should be the last resort if you are confident the piano cannot fit inside an elevator. The easiest way to move the piano is to hire a professional Sydney removalist to take it out using the elevator. They have specialized lifts to make getting the piano out of the building easier.

Always Consult a Professional Removalist First

It might be a difficult choice to leave your piano where it is. However, in most cases, this is the right choice. Regardless of what you choose, a smart thing to do is consult a professional Sydney removalist before deciding your choice. The Sydney removalist has the connections you need to ensure the piano is taken out of your old place in good condition. They might even be able to connect you to a more affordable piano crane operator if that’s the option you choose. The worst thing that could happen is the piano getting damaged while moving. You can trust these professionals to make the process simple and worry-free.

It means you can spend more time thinking about playing your favorite music on your piano instead of how to get it in and out of buildings. You also don’t risk yourself or your family when trying to move a heavy object like a piano. Pianos can be dangerous if you aren’t careful, and you could get hurt or even worse. The main thing is to consider whether the piano is worth the hassle of getting it out. Certain pianos are priceless, but you don’t want to go through all the stress of moving a piano that isn’t worth all that much.

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