When you are dealing with a Sydney removal, there are a million things to think about and plan. While you dream big for your new home, you also need to think about the details of getting there. One major consideration to never overlook is the moving van. The moving van is a critical tool on removal day, and if you want to make sure things go smoothly, here are seven points to consider.

1. Estimate How Much Space You Need

The first thing to do is gauge the size of truck you need. Moving trucks come in a range of sizes, and you will pay more for more space. If you are moving out of a small apartment, you may get away with a small hauling trailer. However, if you are moving a family out of a full-sized house, then a much larger truck is going to be necessary. Obviously, because the size of the truck is related to the cost, many people are hesitant to go big. However, there is nothing worse on moving day than realizing you do not have enough space. If you do not have a truck with sufficient hauling space, you may have to downsize on removal day or make two trips. You are better served by estimating the size of your truck correctly before you make your reservation.

2. Make Sure You Have Your License

In order to rent a moving truck, you will need to be able to show that you have a valid driver’s license. The reasons for this are obvious. The rental company will only allow drivers who are permitted on the roads to have access to the truck. In many cases, the person renting the truck must be the one to drive it. Be sure to check all the fine print to ensure that you do not break any rules during your removal. In most cases, a standard moving truck will not need special licensing. Again, make sure you talk to the rental company in advance to completely guarantee you are fit to drive the truck on the road.

3. Ask About Pick Up and Drop Off

The logistics of your removal are multifaceted. As you figure out where you need to be at every given moment, keep in mind that taking care of the moving van is also a logistical challenge. If you are renting a van, you will need to pick it up and drop it off. Make sure you know when the facility will open to ensure that your timing will work out. Then, figure out how the drop-off procedure will work. In many cases, you will have to check in with the company when you drop the van off. This will allow the van to be inspected and final payments to be made. If you are moving across the country, then be sure to talk to the company about dropping off in a different location than where you picked the van up. You will need this flexibility unless you plan on driving the van all the way back to the original destination.

4. Understand All Associated Fees

A moving van will cost you money. As you figure out just how much it will cost, you will need to assess the fees carefully. In many situations, you will be charged both for mileage and for the amount of time you have the vehicle. It is critical to know both figures in advance in order to plan accordingly. Also, be sure to talk to the company about any hidden fees that may exist. This could include damage to the truck or the usage of extra tools. If you want to protect yourself more during the move, you could also invest in insurance. Most rental companies will offer insurance with your rental agreement. This will protect you in case of damage to the truck.

5. Consider Your Parking Situation

A moving truck is usually quite large. Even a smaller trailer will require more parking space. Therefore, make sure you have your parking situation planned in advance. If you are going to use your driveway, make sure it is long enough to accommodate the truck. If you plan to use the street, you will need to be sure there is a sufficient space cleared. This parking nuance is especially important if you will be keeping the truck overnight.

6. Map Your Route in Advance

While some people are very comfortable behind the wheel of a larger vehicle, most people are not experienced with such large vehicles. This does not mean that novices are poorly equipped for the task, but it should indicate that a little more planning is needed to boost your confidence. In order to make sure that you can focus on your driving during the removal, take time to plan your route in advance. You will want to look for streets that can accommodate a larger vehicle. Be wary of narrow streets with lots of traffic or parking. This can minimize your risks while driving.

7. Adjust the Mirrors Properly

Finally, when you get ready to take off, spend some time getting comfortable in the cab. Get your bearings to see what your visibility will be. To enhance your view, make sure your mirrors are adjusted properly. Trucks are equipped with lots of mirrors to make it easy to see around the large size of the vehicle. You want to increase your visibility as much as possible before you even turn on the engine.

Ultimately, dealing with the rental truck can be avoided if you trust your move to the experienced team at Giraffe Removals. Call us today to get a free quote regarding your Sydney removal.