From the outside, the moving truck looks like a monolith. Inside, it is a very different story. When packed properly, the moving truck is secure, orderly and maximized. However, if you take a haphazard approach, the interior of your moving truck could be prone to disaster. If you want to make sure you get everything inside the truck safely on removal day in Sydney, here are seven important tips.

1. Disassemble Your Furniture When Possible

Loading boxes is no easy feat on removal day. However, stacking boxes is not a difficult task. It is an efficient way to fill your moving truck. Unfortunately, not everything fits neatly into a box for removal day. You will also have to move furniture. A lot of your furniture is large and bulky. This can make it hard to get on the truck safely. You may be prone to damaging your furniture in the process. There is another risk. Furniture does not have a uniform outline. This can make it hard to pack efficiently in the space provided. Too much bulky furniture can limit the amount of stuff you fit in the truck. To maximize your space, take apart furniture when possible. Removing the legs of furniture or disassembling certain pieces can go a long way in improving your space usage.

2. Pack Big Items First

When you start hauling items into the truck during your Sydney removal, go with the biggest things first. You do not want to leave your large sofa or your dining room table until the end. If you do, then you may be unpleasantly surprised to find that these items do not fit. You will have to take extra time to unload other items to make space. To avoid this issue, just load the most cumbersome items first. This will ensure that there is room available. In order to compensate for their large footprint, try to pack smaller items around them. Chairs can be stacked on top of tables. Boxes can be placed on top of couches. This is how to create efficiency during your Sydney removal.

3. Load Heavy Pieces Early

It is not just size that is a factor in your packing strategy. You should also look at weight. As you load up the truck, you should prioritize heavy items over light ones. There are two key reasons for this. First, heavier items could inadvertently crush lighter things. If you put heavy boxes on top of light ones, then the weight may not hold. The light boxes may not be structurally supported, and your items may tip during transit. Therefore, create a heavy base in the moving truck. Lighter items can easily be floated on the top. Also, heavy items take more work and energy. You will want to tackle these items while you are still fresh on removal day. When you are tired at the end, picking up the lighter items will be easy.

4. Don’t Forget to Think Vertically

As you start loading your truck, you really have to visualize the space. It is like playing a game of Tetris, but in this case, the pieces have to work in three dimensions. In other words, do not just look at the floor space you have available. Look at the wall space. In most cases, you will have a lot of room to work your items vertically. In some cases, you may be able to stack boxes in tall rows. In other cases, you may stack your chairs on top of tables or couches. These tricks allow you to get more of your possessions into the truck. Also, think about the shape of your pieces. If you have something long and skinny like a headboard or a bed rail, then consider sneaking those pieces in close to the wall. This takes up a minimal amount of space while still getting big items out of the way.

5. Light Items Can Be Stacked On Top

This was touched on in tip two, but it is worth elaborating the point here. When you are loading your belongings, do not merely save your light items for last. Instead, think about how to work your light items in on top of other things. Light items are easy to carry, and they can be put seamlessly on top of other boxes or furniture. A box of throw pillows can be placed at the top of a box stack. A package of children’s stuffed animals should be eased atop a dresser. Identify your lightest boxes early, and then save those for the spots that are hard to fill.

6. Leave Fragile Pieces for Last

As you get your belongings loaded, always take special note of fragile items. Fragile items should be boxed with a lot of packing materials to provide protection in transit. You can help your cause by saving these items for last. This way, you can ensure that these fragile pieces are given places of priority. By packing these things last, you can be confident that they will not get crushed inadvertently by other pieces. However, as a word of caution, do not place fragile boxes or items so they can shift freely. These items must be secured and immobile during transit in order to provide protection.

7. Hire a Professional Removalist

The moving van can be a lot to deal with during your Sydney removal. If you really want it done right, then contact Giraffe Removals. Our professional removalists can do all the hard work for you. All you have to do is call now to get your free quote. Learn more about how we can make packing the moving truck easy for your upcoming Sydney removal!