Giraffe Removals is one of Sydney’s leading piano removalists!

Giraffe Removals is a team of expert piano movers and that means we provide professional guidance and experience to make sure your prized possession arrives safely at it’s new home. When you settle for a non-specialist piano removalist, you’re in danger of having your piano handled by somebody who lacks the experience and understanding required to correctly care for and move your piano.

Giraffe Removals is highly experienced in and has the necessary equipment to transfer pianos of any size from a regular upright through to a concert grand using specially designed piano removal cradles and trolleys to ensure the maximum protection for your pride and joy. Providing expert piano removals in Sydney and throughout Australia is part of our dedication to excellence. With specialised equipment and advanced methods particularly designed for moving pianos, we are confidently able to handle your prized possession during transport, ensuring safe relocation of pianos of any style, size and type.

A professional, reliable piano removalist is rare to find and it requires numerous years of research, training and experience to gain expertise in relocating a piano safely, securely and hassle-free. Important factors to successfully moving a piano include utilising specialised equipment, skilled and well-trained piano movers who have a comprehensive understanding of the ins and outs of a piano combined with the technical knowledge in the art of transferring pianos. Never ever allow your piano to be handled by an unaccredited removalist!

Giraffe Removals, trusted piano removalists in Sydney, also handles interstate removals. Get in touch with us to get a free quote now.