Fully insured for 20+ years with A.I.I.B.

Insurance OH&S

  • Public Liability Insurance – Giraffe Removals and Storage has Public Liability Insurance to the value of $20,000,000 with GIO Insurance.
  • Workers Compensation Insurance – Giraffe Removals and Storage is fully insured for Workers’ Compensation with GIO Insurance.
  • Transit Insurance – Giraffe Removals includes a transit insurance. This provides cover for the various risks that can occur during the transportation of your goods.

If you have your possessions inside your home, you normally have them covered with a Home and Contents Policy. This insurance policy might not cover you when your belongings are being moved.

So if you have any questions about the various aspects of furniture removals insurance, please call Peter Gould, our broker at A.I.I.B. and she would be more than happy to assist you with your enquiries.

Please note that there is no obligation for any client to take furniture removals insurance. Be assured you can always rely upon the goodwill and reputation of Giraffe Removals & Storage.

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