Removal & Relocation Services

Home & Apartment Removals

Giraffe Removals and Storage is a leading removal company in New South Wales, Australia. We provide customers a complete range of removal services for houses and apartments. Our services include, but are not limited to –

  • Door to door removals service.
  • Goods delivered to storage depot.

Some of our other services include the provision and use of packaging materials such as cartons, tape, bubble wrap and identification labels. We will also supply you, upon request, crates and supply trolleys. We have an experienced staff that will help with packing/unpacking. Giraffe Removals and Storage is fully commited to continuous skills and knowledge development and offers both internal and contact staff ongoing training in packing & handling techniques.

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Corporate, Office, or Workspace Removals

At Giraffe Removals and Storage, we are fully aware that any removal process requires careful planning and knowledge of the new location, along with precise supervision during relocation. It is important to have a good look at the new location and to identify the easiest and congestion-free route to relocate.

The process begins with visiting your current office location and understanding the requirements of the move that needs to be done. A checklist is created to ensure that we have everything covered and done in a systematic and professional way.

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Removalists Sydney Inner West

Giraffe Removals provide house & office removal services throughout Sydney’s Inner West. You can expect the very best service & peace of mind, with Giraffe Removals 50 years of experience in the removal industry. Find out more about Giraffe Removals & the moving services they provide within Sydney’s Inner West.

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Additional Services

  • Dismantling and reassembling of furniture;
  • Proper wrapping and packing of items;
  • Transporting fine art – We understand that you may possess fine art/painting that is a very important part of your collection. We’ll take complete care of the artwork; we will wrap it using the best packing material and transport it in the best possible way.
  • Destroying documents – Our services include reliable and secure document destruction services, if needed. We are a company with many years of experience and we are able to handle such work keeping the details of clients confidential. Destroying sensitive material, files and other such documents are done as per the instructions we receive from clients.
  • Rubbish Removal – Regardless of the amount of waste material you may have, we provide efficient rubbish collection & disposal service.
  • Maintenance and furniture repair – Our company is among the leading furniture maintenance and repair service providers in New South Wales. We have ongoing relationships with reputable and experienced carpenters and upholsterers for such jobs.
  • Relocation of electronic equipment – Any person looking at a removal or relocation will acknowledge that electronic items like computers, printers, Plasma TVs, etc. need extra care during such an exercise. Our expert staff are highly-skilled and experienced in handling delicate equipment and we take complete precautions when moving such items.
  • Shipping worldwide – With Giraffe Removals and Storage, worldwide shipping becomes easier and very convenient.

Interstate Removals

We are quality service provider and we are able to handle all kinds of removals/relocations. We maintain long-standing relationships and contracts with Australia-wide companies and we can easily arrange any removal/relocation service for you anywhere in Australia.

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Warehouse & Storage


We provide clients with modern warehousing and storage facilities. We own a storage facility conveniently located in Sydney and have access to similar facilities in other parts of Australia. Our warehouse has 600m² of floor space and is located in central Sydney at 6 Carlton Crescent, Summer Hill.

Procedures for Warehousing – All items including furniture, are packed properly to prevent damage and are stored in a safe and secure place that is free of dust, moisture, and other harmful elements. Giraffe Removals and Storage offers a telephone service for all clients during normal business hours. For matters of urgent nature, you are welcome to call us 24 X 7.

Short ang long-term storage capabilities – Depending on our client’s needs, we are able to offer both short-term as well as storage for an extended period of time.

At Giraffe Removals and Storage we have made it a habit of providing timely furniture dispatches:

  • Your order can be sent to use through fax, phone or email
  • Warehouse manager then processes your request
  • Delivery is made within 24 hours
  • All items are signed out of the store and client is to sign upon receiving the goods.
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Free On-site Quotes

If you would like for a representative from Giraffe Removals and Storage to give you a visit, we highly encourage you to email or call us. Someone from our experienced staff will visit your residence or office and give you an on-site quote for FREE.

End-of-lease Cleaning

It is a common practice in rented places to require the occupant to leave the place in a satisfactory and clean condition. We offer you stress-free end-of-lease cleaning services. Allow us a chance and we’ll leave your old apartment, flat or rented house/workspace looking as good as you found it.

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Packaging or Unpacking Services

We endeavor to offer clients the best customer experience during the removal/relocation so that moving is stress-free for you. We can assist you with all your packing and unpacking. Our experienced crew will provide assistance on whatever needs to be done to make the move convenient, and even enjoyable, for you.

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