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Our pricing calculator will provide you a quick estimate on the cost of your planned removal. For an exact quote, please phone or email to make an appointment for one of our representatives to visit your residence or office for a quick on-site quote.
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Removals Pricing

Giraffe Removals & Storage is a leading Furniture Removalist in Sydney, offering affordable and competitive prices for removals in Australia. Use our pricing estimation app to calculate the cost of your move.

To help with your move, we offer 20 small & 5 large boxes FREE of charge.

While there are several factors which affect the final quote, our approximate hourly rate is as follows:

  • $145 p/hr GST included – Monday to Friday
  • $150 p/hr GST included – Saturday
  • $165 p/hr GST included – Sunday
  • Plus half an hour travel time.

Rates above include one truck & two men. Additional offsiders are $60.00 p/hr GST included

We also offer a variety of services to help prepare your household or office for an efficient & pleasant move.

Apart from providing free moving advice, our trained and professional staff will also carefully and expertly wrap and pack all your goods and valuables for safe and secure relocation. You can easily rest knowing that your goods and valuables are in safe hands, and in care of experts who will handle them as if they were their own. Our highly trained Interstate Furniture Removals teams can move even the trickiest of goods.

With over 50+ years of experience, Giraffe Removals & Storage has the expertise of three generations to move about everything there is to move. We have moved many corporates, celebrities, charitable organisations and, of course, homes. Read through what our clients have to say in theTestimonials page or contact us for more client testimonials and referrals.

Whether for domestic, corporate or for a charitable organisation, we offer the same professional care and dedicated attention to each and every client. When you sign up with us, you can rest assured that you are getting the best removal services in Australia at an affordable rate and without any hidden charges.

Please phone or email to make an appointment for one of our representatives to visit your residence or office for a quick on-site quote.

Variables Which May Impact the Removalist Quotes

When it comes to removals, there are several factors which may affect the final quote. The first and most apparent is ease or difficulty of access at the points of origin and destination. There are several elements of access which could affect the time required on the job and therefore influence the final cost. Among them are:

  • Stairs: any stairs which we will have to go up will take longer than level access. If there are no stairs, we would be able to wheel everything on flat trolleys. While we like to believe we’re fairly fit, it’ll take more time to travel a flight of stairs than in a straight line.
  • Lifts: having a lift in an office or apartment might appear like it will save time, however it frequently results in double handling if we don’t have exclusive access. Time is occasionally lost waiting for lifts to arrive, especially a busy one.
  • Walking distance: Lengthy driveways can present an issue if they’re too steep for our vehicles and may also be challenging if a complex doesn’t permit parking close by. In short, the closer we are able to get our truck to your property the better.

The second factor will be the distance between the old and new locations. Thirdly, the cost will also be affected by the quantity and nature of the belongings; if they happen to be fragile, expensive, heavy or huge, the price may go up a bit. Lastly, the number and size of trucks necessary and the number of removalists will determine the final cost. While it seems a smaller truck and fewer removalists is the cheaper option initially, if it would take twice as long and you’re paying an hourly rate, then it might end up to be not as cost-effective.

Other variables which will have affect the figures on the removalist quotes will be whether or not you need special packing materials for fragile items or whether you require your belongings to be packed on your behalf. You should also be aware of “back-to-base” charges or energy levies, if any, which can also affect the final cost.

While our affordable rate may not be the cheapest available, whatever premiums you have to pay are significantly cheaper than replacing damaged or scratched furniture or worse, treasured heirlooms! And the likelihood of this happening is extremely high with cheap but inexperienced removalists. For the extra cash you pay, you get peace of mind with special “all risks” insurance protection, which covers any accidents which may happen during the move.