Making an office move is a great opportunity for your company. However, with all this potential, there are also risks involved. When you are moving office, you can completely disrupt your daily operations. If you want to avoid too many complications, here are a few tips to help you navigate this time of change.

Moving Office

1. Assign a Moving Manager

First, you need to capitalise on your organisational structure. Think about how you run the office. Each person has an assigned task. One person is in charge of accounting. Another person is in charge of ordering supplies. By assigning everyone a role, you can make sure that all tasks are done efficiently. Your move is just another task. Therefore, when moving office, assign someone specifically as the moving manager. This person can orchestrate all the details of the move and delegate smaller tasks as necessary. By centralising this role, you can streamline the process and keep things very organised.

2. Have Individuals Pack Their Desks

Even though you want a specific moving manager, everyone should have a part to play when moving office in Sydney. Specifically, make sure that each person handles their own desk and personal items. This is not only efficient in terms of time and energy. It is also just smart in terms of cleaning up. Each employee will know which items are valuable and which items do not make the move. This will encourage everyone to clean up their space before the move. By doing this, you can reduce the amount of stuff that has to be transported on the big day.

3. Make Accommodations for IT

Of all the things you need to manage when moving office, your IT needs are perhaps the most important. Paperwork and office equipment can be packed up into boxes and transported easily enough. However, when it comes to your equipment, you need to put in a lot more thought and care. You have to think about disconnecting and reconnecting your networks. Therefore, spend time talking through the big move with your IT specialists. They should be able to help you plan accordingly and mitigate too many complications.

4. Handle the Paperwork

All moves have a certain amount of tedious paperwork and behind the scenes navigating. This is especially true when moving office. If you are renting the property, then talk to the property manager about any rules or restrictions. You also want to make sure you handle things like changing your office address. As a final note, you will want to oversee the transfer of utilities and services. Make sure you have electricity, water and internet service at your new office. You also do not want to continue paying for service at your old office. This paperwork can often be managed by your moving manager.

5. Plan a Celebration

Moving office is a daunting task for everyone. From your upper management to your janitorial staff, you will disrupt everyone’s routine. Your employees may have to work longer hours and deal with more obstacles. While you may see the big picture with your removal, it may be difficult for your employees to realise. Therefore, make sure to support them during the move. To commemorate the experience, plan a celebration once you get settled. This party can be something for your staff to anticipate, and it can also be a way to thank everyone for their effort.

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