Everyone knows that moving boxes are a key part of any removal. However, effective packing is about more than boxes. Your items need to be packed with care. Accordingly, the quality of your packing materials is incredibly important to the outcome of your removal. Therefore, as you get to packing, here are the different types of packing materials to consider.

Packing Paper

Paper is widely used as a packing material. A professional removalist in Sydney will sell it by the roll. Packing paper is generally a little sturdier than notebook paper, but it is still easy to fold, crumple and crunch. When using packing paper, you can wrap it around a delicate item. It can also be crumpled to use as filler so nothing shifts in the box. Paper is great for dishes and home decor. If you do not want to buy packing paper, then you can find do-it-yourself variations. Newspaper and mailing advertisements can work pretty well in a pinch.

Bubble Wrap

If your items are very delicate, then paper is just not going to get the job done. You might want to use bubble wrap. Bubble wrap is fun to pop, but those air-filled bubbles are also ideal cushions during a Sydney removal. You should use bubble wrap to enclose delicate items. It is especially useful if the item is oddly shaped. Bubble wrap is going to be more expensive than paper, which is why it is used more sparingly in most cases.

Packing Peanuts

Packing peanuts can be somewhat messy, and they are not going to be readily available at most locations. However, there are still situations when they are the perfect choice for your removal. Packing peanuts provide a lot of cushion. Therefore, if you are packing an item that does not fill out a box completely, then you might want to use packing peanuts around it. This ensures that the piece is protected from any jostling that occurs in transit.


Packing foam is a lot like bubble wrap, but it is a little bit more lightweight. In many cases, foam is easier to work with than bubble wrap, and it wraps closely to your items for a snug fit. If you are using foam, do not be afraid to wrap the item in multiple layers. You can even mix and match your packing supplies to maximize their effectiveness. Foam is ideal for ceramics or glass pieces. You could also use foam for fine chinas or fancy dinnerware.