When to Pack Your Items Before Moving

One of the hardest things about moving house or planning a removal is packing. It is quite the undertaking to pack up all your belongings into boxes for the big day. If the process seems overwhelming, it is a good idea to approach it systematically. Here are a few tips about when to pack your specific items.

1. Moving Rarely Used Items and Collectibles

You should start your removal with the things you use the least. Take your seasonal items, and pack up sports gear that is out of season. Make sure your holiday decorations are boxed up. Then, you can also pack collectibles like scrapbooks, photo albums and souvenirs.

2. Packing Specialty Kitchenware and Decor

You can pack up your specialty kitchenware a few weeks before you move. This can include fine china or appliances that are not used often. Examples could include bread makers, basting pans and more. You should also start to box up your home decor. While decor makes your house look nicer, it is not an essential item for daily living. Therefore, it should be packed early.

3. Moving Entertainment Items and Linens

As your removal day approaches, get your entertainment items packed next. This could include board games, puzzles, video games and movies. Obviously, if there are certain items you use often, then you can delay packing those. However, you cannot play every game or watch every movie within the span of a few weeks. Start packing what you can now. You should also pack as many linens as you can. Leave a set of sheets for the bed and as few towels as you realistically need.

4. Moving Electronics and Jewellery

We rely heavily on electronics, but as the week of your removal approaches, you should get your pieces ready to go. The key with electronics is to pack them securely to protect them during the removal. If necessary, leave out one television. You can also use your tablet or phone heavily during this time. This is also the time to pack up valuables like jewellery.

5. Clothes, Kitchenware and Toiletries

During the last week before your removal, get your personal items packed. The vast majority of your clothes and toiletries should be packed at this time. Make sure you keep items like deodorant and medicine accessible until the day of the removal. You should also be getting your kitchen ready at this time. The rest of your kitchenware needs to be boxed up. Focus on eating down your food supply in the pantry and refrigerator.

6. Packing Toys, Pet Items and Your Daily Items

The last of your packing should happen on moving day. Get the last of your bedding and linens packed up. Then, make sure your furniture is ready to go. Any remaining toiletries and medicines should be prepared at this time as well. While some of your children’s toys should be packed, it is wise to leave some of their favourite items until the last minute. At this point, make sure their special possessions are ready to go and clearly labelled. You will also want to do the same thing for pet items.

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