As you go through the process of a removal, you probably keep your mind set on all the fun times you will have in your new home. However, as a homeowner, you must also invest your time and energy into the practical side of ownership. Therefore, after you finish your Sydney removal, here is a list of nine maintenance items to handle.



1. Clean Your Gutters

When you think about your new home, you probably do not fantasize about the gutters. When they are working well, you hardly even notice that you have gutters at all. However, when your gutters are working poorly, there can be lots of issues. Poor gutter performance can cause water build-up near your house. Over time, this can damage your yard and your foundation. Therefore, take time when you move in to clean your gutters. This will tell you if anything is wrong, and by clearing out debris, you can make sure your gutters are working at peak capacity.

2. Check Your Attic

Attics tend to be collection spaces. People store extra items in their attics, and most attics are used rarely. Nonetheless, the quality of your attic can impact the rest of your home. Because attics are not used like normal rooms most of the time, most of them are not sealed or insulated. This can lead to air leakage, which can affect the rest of the home. To avoid this problem, give your attic a thorough look before you unpack. Then, you can fix any gaps in the walls or windows before settling in.

3. Drain Your Water Heater

The water heater provides warm water on demand throughout the house. Water heaters are like most appliances and need regular maintenance. In particular, your water heater probably has a tank that houses the water. As water filters through the tank, sediment can collect on the bottom. Over time, that sediment will build up. It can cause clogs that inhibit the function of your water heater. When you move in, take time to give your water heater a tune-up. This will ensure the best performance possible.

4. Tune Your Air Conditioner

Another appliance that is important to manage is your air conditioner. When the summer heat is scorching, your air conditioner can help keep your home cool. In order to preserve this device, maintenance must be performed each year. As a new homeowner, you probably do not know for sure when it was last maintained. Therefore, get it looked at as soon as possible. Regular maintenance will assess all the working parts, clean the interior of the device and more.

5. Caulk Your Sinks

It is said that kitchens and bathrooms are the areas that really sell a home. This may or may not be true, but both kitchens and bathrooms are essential spaces. You may love your new spaces, but you have to look at the details now that you have possession of your home. Even if these rooms look beautiful, make sure they are protected. In particular, your sinks are vulnerable. One easy task to complete when you move in is caulking. Your bathroom and kitchen sinks should be caulked to ensure that no water escapes. Caulking must be completed periodically over the years, and doing it when you move in will get you off to a great start.

6. Clean Your Drains

In addition to your sinks, pay attention to your drains. Your drains are not glamorous parts of your home, but they serve a very functional role. When your drains are slow, water can start to back up or get clogged. When you take possession of the home, start off the right way with clean drains that run smoothly. There are various drain cleaners you can try for a do-it-yourself approach. If your drains seem clogged, it can be worth your time and money to hire a plumber.

7. Invest in Weatherstripping

Weatherstripping is easy to overlook when you are buying a home. These strips are installed on windows and doors to provide an added layer of protection. Doors and windows have natural weak points in order to open and close. These weak points can let in air, moisture or even pests. You may have overlooked the weatherstripping when buying the home, but now that you are the owner, you should make sure the stripping is up to date. Weatherstripping is affordable to buy and easy to install.

8. Check Your Appliances

In some cases, you may have brought your appliances with you. You could also have bought the home with appliances included. In either case, you should assess each appliance before regular usage resumes. If the appliances are ones you brought with you, make sure they have not been damaged in transit. Moreover, take time to have them installed correctly. If the appliances came with the house, you will still want to inspect them for safety and functionality. Plus, you want your used appliances to be clean. To protect appliances during the removal, consider hiring professional removalists in Sydney.

9. Lubricate Your Garage Door

Finally, after your Sydney removalists are done, you will want to work on your garage. Garages are great spaces and can be real assets. However, garage doors can be notoriously unreliable. You should give your garage proper care and attention. You can improve the function of your garage door by making sure the gears are lubricated. This will smooth out the operation of the door while minimizing friction, sound and stoppage.

There is a lot to do after you move in, which is why you should keep your removal simple. This is possible when you hire Giraffe Removals. Contact us today about your upcoming Sydney removal.