Many people find out that moving their plants is one of the most challenging tasks of the moving process. If you are trying to do everything yourself, you must be prepared to move your plants in the safest and most effective way possible. It might seem simple, but it causes more problems than moving heavy items like washing machines and dryers. The reason for this is that those items are simply heavy. You only need to figure out how to move that heavy weight from your location to the destination.

When it comes to plants, you must remember that these living things need to be cared for to ensure they are alive when you get to your destination. One thing you can do to solve this problem quickly is to get a Sydney removalist to help you move your plants. These professionals understand the entire process and will be well prepared to get the job done on time and without breaking the bank.

No matter what you decide, it will all start before you begin to figure out what you’re trying to accomplish. The first thing here is to have a good understanding of plant preparation. All of your plants need to be well prepared before you start anything. That is something that a professional can help you with, but there are a few simple steps that will make your life a lot easier when it comes to the moving process.

Preparing Your Plants for the Move

Moving your plants requires a lot of preparation. It won’t be like boxing up books or something else. You must prepare good containers to ensure your plants survive the journey. If you are looking to hire a Sydney removalist, you must ask them what to do to ensure it goes well. These preparatory steps should be taken regardless of whether you are doing it alone or with someone else. One of the first preliminary steps you should take is to ensure that all your plants are put into plastic containers.

Plastic containers are easier to move because they are lighter but cannot break easily. One of the worst things is having your ceramic container break while transporting your plants in the vehicle. Not only does this lead to a mess, but it makes it a lot more difficult for your plant to survive your move. Spending time putting all of your plants into good plastic containers a few weeks ahead of time will be excellent for their survival.

Apart from this preparation, it is crucial that you choose to prune and trim your plants to make them as healthy as possible. It also means that there will be less debris that can fall off the plants during the move. However, this is dependent on whether your plant can be pruned or not. You should also ensure that there are no infections or insects on your plants before you transport them. You wouldn’t want to bring those pests to your new destination. You also want to water your plants close to the move, depending on the weather you’re expecting and the season. Transporting them in the cold could cause the water to freeze, and the same is true if the temperature is too hot.

Choosing Transportation

Choosing the right transport is also crucial for success when moving your plants. You want to ensure the truck is adequately sized so your plants don’t tumble around while you drive. It also means having a good driving technique that prevents these things from happening. The main issue with driving the truck yourself is that you don’t have the needed experience to do it well. That is why hiring a Sydney removalist can also be a good choice for you.

A professional removalist will have more experience than you could ever have in terms of moving plants. Because of this, they will know how to drive in the safest and most efficient way possible. They will also know how to get to the destination much easier than you ever could. They will also have a good idea of how to keep your truck at the right temperature to ensure the plants don’t die before you get to the destination.

Packaging Your Plants for the Move

Before you even get to the driving stage, you must pack up your plants for your move. That step involves carefully wrapping your plants in toilet tissue paper or a bedsheet. Either way, you want to protect your plant from hard contact. If you don’t have a choice in the type of transport you will be using, it might be a good idea to put your plant pots in a box.

That way, it minimizes the chance of your plant sliding on the ground even more. A great step for you to take is to just do the planning step before hiring a professional removalist. Don’t forget to put plenty of material at the base of the plant to ensure that nothing terrible happens.

The Season Matters When Moving Plants

A crucial thing you need to remember is that the season you choose matters a lot. If you are moving in the extreme summer heat, you have a good chance of damaging your plants. Just like other living things, plants might suffer from shock when moving from one climate to the next. The extreme heat might be shocking and could even cause your plants to die. That is why you must ensure that you only move your plants in mild weather. That means not moving in winter or summer. Another thing to remember is that you should try to keep the climate in your truck close to what it was in your previous place. These are things a professional removalist can help you with.

Getting Help from Friends

The complexity of moving plants means you cannot do it alone. That is true even if you opt not to hire a professional Sydney removalist. You will need help to ensure you have all the right ingredients for success. The main ingredient is that your friends will need to be careful when moving your plants. That means finding people you are confident in to help you. They can do a lot of the preparation work needed, and then you can quickly get to the moving process without much effort.

Should You Hire Professionals?

A big question is whether you should have a professional Sydney removalist do the job for you or not. The reality is that a professional removalist will have the plant moving experience that you don’t. By consulting with them, you improve the chances of your move being a success. You also improve the chances that your plants will survive the journey without damage.