How to label your boxes when relocating within Sydney

Labelling boxes when in the process of relocating can make the job exponentially easy especially with organising, packing and loading boxes. It goes without saying that if you want to ensure that you move without a hassle good organisation is critical. If anything, it will eliminate the stress associated with organising your brand-new home, and it becomes easy to figure out which boxes may not have arrived. As removalists in Sydney ourselves these tips have helped a great deal with complicated and large moves.

Removalist Tip no. 1

Before you can get into labeling your boxes and organising them accordingly, you need to have the right tools. We like to think that no labeling system is complete if your toolbox is not. Your labeling kit should obviously contain markers of all the primary colours at least. Plus, have at least two permanent markers.

Each box should be marked with different colours which means that you shouldn’t just have black markers. Buy one for every colour. Instead of falling for the cheapest ones ensure that they are of high quality. The markers you buy need to be permanent and also be waterproof to ensure that nothing ends up erasing what you write.

Labels make it very easy to identify your boxes when moving. You should be able to find lots of box label templates which are free to download. That said there are many moving companies and office supply shops that also sell these labels. Moving labels make it easy to simply stick the label on and write. You can mention the name of different rooms in your home and record the contents of the box. However, if you’re going to use shorthand make sure that it’s something you can make sense of when the time comes.

In addition to coloured markers also use coloured tape. Good coloured tape will help you organise your boxes in terms of colour which improves your labeling system a great deal. So, for instance, if you have six green boxes and four black, you know that the green is for your kitchen while the black goes into the attic.

Removalist Tip no. 2

We like to colour code our boxes in a way so that they are instantly recognisable. We recommend assigning a colour to each room and then marking the boxes for those rooms with that colour. So, if you choose green for your kitchen, all the kitchen utensils and furniture can be put into boxes that are marked with the colour. This is a very simple and yet an efficient labeling system that will save you a great deal of time regardless of if you are shifting with a few items or many. You can then have the removalists stack and unload the boxes for each room accordingly. This will make unpacking easier.
Make sure to provide the removalist company with a list of colours and the rooms for which they are meant. That way you don’t have to monitor the unloading process.

Removalist Tip no. 3

If you are dealing with many boxes from and to many rooms, then colours may not work efficiently so instead you’d want to use numbers. Labelling your boxes with numbers makes large moves more organised, and you’re not limited to the number of colours. Plus, you don’t have to use similar colours like red and orange which can later be mistaken by the movers. You’d want to record the number and the contents for each box on top of the box. This will make unpacking more manageable once you arrive. Naturally, the movers should be provided with a list of all corresponding numbers with the rooms for which they are meant.

Removalist Tip no. 4

Ideally, you’ll want to also mark your boxes with the terms “Fragile” and an arrow showing which side is up. If you have lots of small items in the box, a list of what it contains would be a good idea. The other thing to keep in mind is to use boxes of the same type and size. That will make loading them into the truck easier. When loading the boxes into the truck the labels should face you and not the other way; this will ensure that you can easily see which items or boxes are being unloaded at your new home. Also, if one of the labels are coming off or you see that the marked portion is tearing, it can be remedied when loading on the spot.


As professional movers in Sydney, we have amassed many tricks for ensuring that our clients are highly satisfied with our service. Labelling is just one of the many methods we employ and suggest that you do too, that’s regardless of the removalists you opt to choose in Sydney. If anything these tips and tricks will help you save time and effort with your move.