It would be foolish to think that moving could ever be simple. With so much going on, there will always be unexpected complications to contend with on moving day. That being said, there is something incredibly difficult about the idea of moving right now. In the days of a global pandemic, everyone is taking extra precautions. How do you make sure your house or office move in Sydney is safe right now? Here are a few ways to cope.

key tips for moving in Sydney during a pandemic

Work With Reputable Removalists

A lot of people approach a removal with a do-it-yourself attitude. There are definitely some reasons for this. However, right now, such an approach makes even less sense. This is not just a question of spending money or saving time. This is an issue of safety. Unless you feel totally confident that you can do the entire move by yourself, you will be forced to mix and mingle with your friends and loved ones. Social distancing during a removal may not be feasible. However, it is possible to minimise the risk by hiring a reputable company of removalists. Professional removalists will have the safety measures in place to appropriately deal with your move. Best of all, you can coordinate with your removalist with minimal contact. Setting up the details and confirming payment can be done without interpersonal interaction. This way, you can be confident that your belongings are the only things getting moved from one place to the next on removal day.

Invest in Quality Cleaning

Germs are a very real concern for everyone. When we stay in our own home, we can minimise the number of germs we spread and come into contact with on a daily basis. With a removal, we are literally changing homes. Therefore, some exchange of germs is probably inevitable. Therefore, do not leave yourself unnecessarily exposed. Instead, take the time to clean both your old residence and your new residence. You should clean all surfaces and appliances. Remember to disinfect your doorknobs and light switches. You may also want to consider cleaning your ducts so that your HVAC system can run without the risk of spreading old germs unintentionally. Most of this can be done on your own, but you can also invest in cleaning services if you are really worried about how well the job is done.

Reduce Your Removal Burden

It is always a good idea to downsize before you start a removal. With fewer belongings, there is less to pack and less to move. This reduces your workload and minimises your stress on the big day. However, there are even more reasons to think about this now. So many people are suffering right now. Many people have gotten sick or at risk for illness. Worse, even more people have been financially impacted. Businesses have shut down, and people have lost their jobs. Therefore, by reducing your work on removal day, you are also helping others in need. Donate your unwanted belongings to charity. Consider paring back your pantry by giving to a food pantry. These small steps can have a big impact on the lives of others. In this way, your removal can be a benefit to you and others in your community.

Give Yourself More Time

With so many restrictions and precautions to take, you need to plan accordingly. Timing is always critical during a removal, but it is of the utmost value right now. Give yourself plenty of time to pack and load boxes if you are doing this on your own. Build time into your schedule for the extra cleaning tasks. If you are going to hire a professional removalist, make sure you reserve your spot as soon as possible. Despite the pandemic, life in Sydney is still hectic. Reduce stress on yourself by planning ahead today, and keep yourself and your family safe throughout the entire process.

Start Planning Your Removal Today

If all these steps seem overwhelming, then you do not have to worry. Fortunately, there are professionals on hand to help you manage all steps of the process. This is what Giraffe Removals can offer to you. At Giraffe Removals, we are proud to provide comprehensive removal service. We can help you pack your things, load the truck and complete transit. We can also help businesses with removals as they try to navigate this tricky period of time. Our team is fully professional and equipped to handle your removal under any conditions. Contact us today to get a free quote for your removal.