Moving day is right around the corner and you are beginning to be a bit sentimental. You are aware that it is time for a change, but you cannot envision ye your new house feeling like a home. Giraffe Removals & Storage can help you move quickly and efficiently, and with these 5 ideas on how to turn your new residence into a welcoming and warm home you will be settled in almost no time:

  1. Be excited with this new chapter in your life

Bid farewell to your old place by having a farewell party. This will provide closure and will help you realise that change can be an exhilarating and is a celebratory occasion. Try not to compare your new house with your old house but if you do, focus your attention on the advantages your new home provides, instead of what it doesn’t have.

  1. The adjustment will not happen overnight so keep doing something familiar

Allow yourself time to get settled in and make new friends, but do not refrain from spending some time at home. Appreciate your new surroundings doing stuff that you love such as cooking, gardening, reading, and DIY projects.

  1. Make it personal

Be imaginative in decorating the new home and experiment with your stuff in ways they have not been displayed before. Regardless of whether you are taking with you decorations and furniture or starting fresh, make your house so warm and cozy that it makes it difficult to leave even on a Friday evening.

  1. Ambience and mood

You might not be a believer in Feng Shui, but creating a nice, comfortable ambience in your home will entice you to spend even more time there, and lighting is really a simple way to create a warm atmosphere – so trade in your fluorescent lights and invest in lamps instead. It can also help create new memories inspired by your new home if you listening to your favorite music while enjoying your new place.

  1. Family and friends

Do not be a stranger! As soon as you have settled in, invite family members, old friends, and new neighbours around to bring life into the new home. Opening up your home and sharing your new environment is a great way to foster a sense of belonging whilst creating fresh new memories at the same time.

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