Maybe to you it is nothing more than a tangled bunch of cords choking dust bunnies at the back of your TV stand. But to some people, especially the techies, electronics are everything! Moreover, they happen to be quite costly and extremely susceptible to damage. That is why the Giraffe Removals team takes packing electronics quite seriously.

For all the times and ways electronics make our lives more productive (okay, occasionally less) and entertaining, they are probably worthy of as much TLC as your great grandma’s heirloom china (and yes, we have a fine china packing solution for that as well!) So prior to you packing up your electronic items, make sure you are packing smart with these 3 steps:

  1. Make sure you get the wires right.

Switch the power off and unplug your items. Detach the wires and cords from the main device, wrap them properly, secure with twist ties and label accordingly. This is probably where it would pay to be a bit OCD (obsessive-compulsive) – be organised now and enjoy the benefits of proper packing later.

  1. Do a little pre-emptive trouble-shooting.

If you have misplaced the manual for a complicated piece of equipment, take some photos or draw diagrams of the wire connections prior to pulling them apart. If you are more verbal than you are visual, create your personal step-by-step guide whilst dismantling the electronic item so you are able to refer to it (backwards!) when putting the equipment or device back together.

  1. When packing the item, pad like your life depended on it.

The best practice would be to pack your electronics in the same boxes they came in. If those cartons and boxes had been turned into makeshift fortresses or cat condos some time ago, your alternatives are to:

  • Try to acquire product-specific boxes from the manufacturer of the item,
  • Purchase special boxes for electronic items from a removalist, or
  • Utilise any other sturdy cardboard box you have in your possession.

Whatever the case may be, carefully secure your devices with anti-static packing supplies or soft fabrics. (WARNING: packing peanuts may conduct electrical energy and cause damage to electronic items, and newspaper may scratch surfaces and screens.) Pad below, around the sides, and above of the product. Pad, pad, pad away, then be certain to prominently mark the boxes with ‘ELECTRONICS’ and ‘FRAGILE’, and draw some signs or arrows so your removalist knows which side is up and precisely how to handle the items.

To make the most out of your moving day, read Giraffe Removal’s comprehensive list of removal tips as your guide. And for the biggest tension reliever of all, let us handle all your removal needs. Call us now on1300 554 552 to learn more on how we can make your relocation a truly pleasant and enjoyable experience.