Handling Your Plants During a Sydney Removal

There are many items that need special consideration during your Sydney removal. While you may already be thinking about big items like pianos or couches, you also have to think about less traditional items. There is plenty of information about how to move delicate items like glassware and canvases, but what do you do about plants? The fact is that your plants need a little extra care during your Sydney removal.

House Plants

House plants are small, potted plants. In general, these plants are by far the easiest to move. During the process, you can simply keep the plant in its current pot. This allows the root structure to remain intact. For the best results, you should place the plant and its pot in a box. To protect the plant, pack the rest of the box with newspaper or other packing supplies. It is not recommended to pack anything else in the box with the plant since you do not want to crush the greenery. Moreover, make sure you mark which direction is up and label the box as fragile. Your plant should not be handled roughly during the removal.

If the plant is larger, you will want to take extra care. In many cases, you will want to prune a larger plant before you move. If you have never pruned your plant before, then be sure to read up on the proper form and style. Too much pruning can damage the plant’s growth. However, many larger plants benefit from occasional pruning. This process can also make your plant more manageable during the move. A large plant will be cumbersome no matter what you do, but you can minimize the complications by trimming the plant back in advance.

You might also want to think about moving your plants separately. This allows you to control the amount of time your plant is boxed up. You do not want your plant to get too hot, too cold or too dry. Therefore, pack plants last and unpack them first. If you are moving over a long distance, then this is especially important. If you add more packing supplies to your box, you can provide your plant with additional insulation. Many plants are sensitive to temperature so it is important to avoid dramatic temperature changes when possible.

Outdoor Plants

You may not even think about moving your outdoor plants since they may seem like part of the landscape. However, it is possible to do even if it is a lot trickier. With outdoor plants, you should start with trimming. Trimming does more than make the plant manageable. It also helps facilitate new growth when it is replanted. Before moving the plant, take special care of it for several weeks. Provide extra water so it is particularly supple. You want the roots to stay moist while you conduct your removal.

Digging up your plants is probably the scariest part of the process. When you dig, go big. You do not want to damage the roots, so dig around the plant generously. You will want to move a sizable portion of the dirt along with your plant. After the plant has been dug up, try wrapping the roots and dirt in a paper bag or burlap sack. You do not want to use plastic since the material cannot breathe. If you wrap the roots properly, the plant should stay viable for several weeks as long as you keep watering the roots and moderating the temperature.

Moving outdoor plants is a lot of work. You may be better off simply choosing new plants for your new home. However, the choice is up to you!

Hiring an Expert Removalist

If you have a big removal coming up, then be sure to get professional help. Giraffe Removals is here as your expert in Sydney removals. Contact us today to talk about your upcoming removal and how we can help.