Good Tips for a Bad Weather Removal

Moving on a warm, sunny day is hard enough. When the weather is not so good, then your removal can seem that much worse. However, you do not have to let the weather hold you back. Instead, consider these handy tips to make a removal in bad weather go well.

1. Use floor coverings. Removing your belongings requires people to move in and out of the home. This means that doors may stay open, which can let rain inside. Even if you can close the doors frequently, people moving in and out can still track in rain or mud all over your floors. Therefore, do not leave your floors exposed. Use every rug you can find to line key walkways in your home. If you do not have enough rugs, towels can work just as well in a pinch.

2. Invest in umbrellas. If it is raining outside, then make sure you have umbrellas. In fact, you may want to go buy enough umbrellas for everyone involved in the move. While umbrellas can definitely promote personal comfort, they can also be used to protect your things. After all, if boxes get too wet, then the items inside can be damaged. Worse, padded furniture like chairs and couches can be ruined by rain. Umbrellas can protect these items when used appropriately. For especially large items, consider having waterproof tarps on hand.

3. Dress appropriately. Protecting your things is important, but it is worth your time to protect yourself as well. This is especially important if the temperatures are starting to get colder. Make sure that everyone going in and out is dressed for safety. You do not want anyone getting sick due to exposure to the rain or cold. The same can be said for extremely hot days. If your removal is in the blazing sun, then make sure that everyone is dressed cool and protected with sunscreen. No removal should be a hazard to your health.

4. Assign zones. One great way to make sure that nothing gets damaged during bad weather is to play zones. You can have some people inside, staging items by doors. Other people can be outside, taking items from inside and hauling them to the truck. This limits how often people are coming in and out. If possible, consider using an attached garage as a staging area. If you can pull the moving truck up to the garage, you can get items in with as little exposure to the elements as possible.

5. Work with a professional. The easiest way to keep your things safe during a bad weather removal is to leave it to the experts. Professional removalists have countless tools to make sure that your items are thoroughly protected. Additionally, these professionals can tackle the job efficiently, which means that your items will be moved with as little time outside as possible.

During good weather or bad weather, Giraffe Removals is your choice for a removalist. Contact the team today to learn more.