Furniture Removal in Sydney

There is no right way to plan a furniture removal in Sydney. However, there are plenty of wrong ways. Before your upcoming removal, you should educate yourself about the common moving mistakes. By understanding the prevalence of these missteps, you can make sure that you avoid them.

1. Not Taking Measurements

Imagine it is moving day. Several people hoist up a huge piece of furniture and start to the door. As they try to get the furniture out the door, the piece quickly gets stuck. Even after manoeuvring the furniture several ways, there is no way to get the item out. You can avoid this by taking measurements before the big day. Measure your big and awkward pieces of furniture, and compare those measurements to the dimensions of doorways, hallways and removal vehicles. Make sure you account for tight turns. If your furniture will not fit through these passageways, you need to come up with an alternative solution before the big day.

2. Not Getting Enough Help

If you are planning to handle your Sydney furniture removal on your own, then you have probably asked a few friends and family members to help. However, if you only recruit two or three people to help you out, then your removal could take a long time. Plus, those two or three people may really regret offering to help you out because of all the work you make them do. Instead, if you are going the do-it-yourself route, then get plenty of help. Also, you can streamline the day by assigning people to different tasks. To say thanks to your helpers, plan on providing food and beverages throughout the day.

3. Not Planning Your Schedule

Not everyone is time-oriented, but during a furniture removal, you need to be aware of certain times and dates. You do not want to get to removal day and realize that you do not have the truck rented. You should not be loading up while the new tenants are pulling in. During a removal, you need to know exactly when to be out of the house and when you have access to the new house. You should have the truck prepped and ready, and you should coordinate all your helpers to arrive at the correct time. In short, you need to plan your schedule. If you do not map out your schedule, your whole removal day could be a disaster.

4. Not Packing in Advance

You should never put off your packing until the last minute. If you are still packing up boxes when people come to start helping you on removal day, then you are not only going to be really slow, but you are also going to annoy everyone who came to help you. Packing at the last minute also leads to other problems. In addition to slowing down your removal, this will also make it more likely for things to get mixed up or left behind. As you run out of time, you start to cut corners. This can leave your valuable items unprotected during transit, which is how things get damage or misplaced.

5. Not Labelling Your Boxes

Packing is not something anyone enjoys. As you pack all your things into boxes, it can be tempting to start dumping things in and be done with it. However, when you get to your new place, unpacking will be a mess. You will have a hard time finding your items, and things are likely to get lost or broken. Instead of being haphazard, try to take a purposeful approach. Pack your boxes according to room, and label the boxes clearly. The boxes should denote the room where the items belong and whether or not the items are breakable. For special items, you should label those boxes specifically.

6. Not Hiring a Professional Furniture Removalist

Most people think that a Sydney furniture removal is not that hard. They just need a few boxes and a truck. However, most people quickly figure out that a removal is not nearly that easy. It takes a lot of time and work, and if you do not have experience, your attempt to do it yourself can cost you. Instead of trying to navigate the process on your own, you can save yourself the hassle and hire a professional furniture removalist. Giraffe Removals has managed countless Sydney furniture removals. There is no doubt that we can handle yours as well. Skip all these moving mistakes, and contact Giraffe Removals today.