When moving house, you are best supported by hiring professionals. Professional removalists are able to help you during all parts of your move. However, for everything that a professional removalist can do, there are limits to the service options. Therefore, if you are planning a move in Sydney soon, learn about some of the things that you may not be able to get moved with a removal service.

Five Items Your Professional Removalist May Avoid Touching


Most people are surprised to learn about limitations regarding plants. When you are moving house, you have to give your favourite greenery a second look. There are some plants that are actually restricted. This is because local officials may not want foreign plants to potentially germinate in new soil. Also, many removalists will not touch plants because they carry an inherent risk. Pests and critters are drawn to plants, which means that plants could infest the rest of the removal as well. Therefore, you may want to move your plants on your own.


This should probably go without saying, but a professional removalist will not move animals or pets of any type. Now, when it comes to dogs or cats, this may seem pretty clear cut. No one wants to put their dog on a moving truck. However, the question becomes more viable when you look at pets like fish or lizards. These critters will live in cages or aquariums. While your removalist is happy to move empty cages and aquariums, you are responsible for arranging special transport for the animals themselves. This is best for the removalist, and it is also best for your animals. Moving trucks are simply not equipped to meet the needs of these animals.

Hazardous Materials

When you are moving house, you are likely to discover that you have some hazardous materials. Many people have various supplies that they use for projects around the house. This could include acid batteries, kerosene lighters, charcoal, paint remover, gasoline and oxygen tanks. Your professional removalist will not move these items. If these items were loaded in normal moving trucks, the risk of fire or explosion would be too great. Therefore, plan to have these items moved specially. If you are moving equipment that runs on fuel, make sure to drain their tanks in advance. If the tanks are drained early, you can probably have the removalist handle them.


As you clean out your kitchen, keep your perishable items separate from your cooking supplies. Certainly, a professional removalist will be happy to take care of your dishes, pots and cooking utensils. However, your food is definitely not going to make the moving truck. This obviously applies to anything in your refrigerator or freezer, but it also applies to items in your pantry. Perishable items are too prone to going bad and attracting pests. Such items are not suited for a moving truck without climate control.

High-Value Items

You should avoid having your movers handle anything that is truly expensive. While there is often nothing difficult about moving stores of cash or jewellery, your professional removalist probably does not want that responsibility. Such valuable items are too much of a liability for the standard removal company. Besides, even if you hire the most reliable removalists in town, do you really want to trust them with items of such value? Instead, move your valuables on your own. This includes vital paperwork and documents.

This list is small compared to what a removalist can do for you. Discover more about a removalist service by talking to Giraffe Removals today. Contact us now for a free quote!