As you figure out how to manage your upcoming removal, give special consideration to your furniture. While boxes are tedious to move, they are usually not that hard to handle. Furniture is another issue entirely. Some small items like end tables and dining chairs are easy enough to transport, but what about bigger pieces and fragile items? Here is a list of five items you probably want to let professional furniture removalists handle.

1. Pianos
The sheer size of a piano makes it a no-go for most do-it-yourself removals. Even if you do have enough good friends on hand to help you handle a piano, you have to consider the integrity of the instrument. These items are intricately made. If you move a piano improperly, you could cause irreparable damage. Given the cost of most pianos, this is not a risk you should be taking. Instead, you need furniture removalists who can safely move and transport your instrument.

2. Exercise Equipment
Some exercise equipment is easy to handle. You can move yoga mats, exercise balls and even a small amount of free weights. The problem occurs with larger or bulkier equipment. This includes exercise bikes, treadmills and ellipticals. More than the weight, these machines are awkward. They are not standard shapes and sizes, which can make it very hard to navigate during a removal. On top of that, exercise equipment has working parts. This means that parts may move while you try to transport the piece. Given these factors, it is probably best to leave exercise equipment to the professional furniture removalists.

3. Televisions
Your television set is not going to be the biggest or heaviest item that you move. In fact, most people can safely move a large television on removal day. If this is the case, then why would you want to hire furniture removalists? The answer has to do with the fragility of most television sets. If you try to move the television on your own, you are more likely to scratch or crack your screen. Even if you get it out of the house safely, you still have to load it up for safe transport. Professional removalists have special gear for carrying and transporting your television. Some removalists can even help you set it up again on the other side.

4. Fish Tanks
Before your removal, you will want to empty out your fish tanks and other aquariums. Fish and other animals must be moved separately on the big day. However, what about the tanks? If your tank is larger than a fishbowl, then it is likely to need special care and attention. After all, these devices need to be solid enough to house water and animals. They are not lightweight and flimsy. You will want to let the professionals handle these. This is also the best way to make sure your tanks survive the move. A single crack can ruin an entire fish tank!

5. Appliances
We all use big appliances on a daily basis. These modern conveniences are not so convenient on removal day. In some cases, these appliances are so big and heavy that it is actually impossible to move them without proper equipment. Therefore, if you plan on moving your appliances, seriously think about hiring a professional furniture removalist. These removalists have plenty of experience with big and unwieldy appliances. They will also have the equipment needed to get the job done safely.

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