Everyone knows that a removal is expensive. The costs associated with securing a new property need to be taken seriously. However, even if you think you have budgeted appropriately, you may still end up with some surprises. Here are five surprise costs to anticipate for your upcoming Sydney removal.

1. Overlapped Utilities

When you move, you have to transfer all your services and utilities. Things like internet, cable, electricity and mail services all have to be updated. Some updates are easily done with a few forms and no fees. However, for things like internet, cable or electricity, you will have to time up your transfer more carefully. You may not be able to stop service in one location and start service in the next location simultaneously. If you have to stagger this process, you will either have days without service or days of overlapped service. This could mean that you are paying double for several days or a week.

2. Moving Special Items

Some things require special care and handling. You may not be able to move your large furniture or oversized electronics on your own. Musical instruments, appliances and large pieces of art may all need to be moved separately. If you do not budget for specialized moving services, you may be unpleasantly surprised. The best way to keep these items safe is to set aside funds for their care. You can talk to a professional removalist in Sydney to get a quote.

3. Time-sensitive Contracts

In many cases, you will either hire a professional removalist or rent a truck for the removal. In either case, look carefully at your contract. If there is an hourly limit on these services, then you will have to watch the clock closely. Most of the time, paying for more time is a pricey decision that you will not have in your budget. It is best to look for flexible contracts. Plan your time carefully to avoid this problem.

4. Closing Costs

The cost of your new home should be spelled out clearly in the contract. However, you may not realize that there are other fees associated with closing. These fees include payments to the lender and real estate agent. In most cases, these fees are tied to the overall cost of a mortgage. However, they can be more substantial than you realize. Ask your real estate agent or lender about fees well in advance.

5. Lost or Damaged Items

There is a chance that things will get lost or damaged. Boxes can disappear. Furniture can be broken on the truck. You may be able to salvage these items. However, replacements could be necessary. Be aware of this risk, and leave wiggle room in your budget. To reduce the risk of lost or broken items, go with a professional. Learn more about professional removalists by contacting Giraffe Removals.