Moving is a major life event. For many people, their first move as an adult is an important rite of passage. It defines the transition into adulthood, and it is the opportunity to stake out a claim on your future. This exciting vision for your move is one thing. However, the hard reality of a removal is another. If you are approaching your first move as an adult, then you need to be prepared with these six tips.

1. Plan Early

There is never enough time during a removal. This is a fact that most people learn with time, but they are usually unprepared for their first time. There are so many things to do, and many of the necessary tasks are tedious. Therefore, give yourself plenty of time to prepare. Start your preparations as early as possible. You want time to find the perfect home, complete the paperwork, close the deal and pack up your home. Then, save time to transition your life to a new address and complete the move. You will need the time to figure these details out, and the extra time will give you a safety net if things get fouled up along the way.

2. Pack Room by Room

One of the hardest tasks of your removal is packing. Loading up your entire life into boxes is a monumental task that takes your time and energy. When you get started, you can quickly become overwhelmed if you do not have a plan. While everyone can come up with their own plan, one of the most accessible options is to go room by room. When you pack room by room, you are breaking down the process into simple steps. Packing a room is a manageable goal. Moreover, it is organizationally the best choice. This way, the boxes contain the items associated with a single room. When you go to unpack, your job will be much easier.

3. Make a Checklist

Another way to make the daunting tasks seem approachable is to make a list. When you are able to itemize the necessary tasks, you can start setting realistic goals. This allows you to pace yourself prior to the removal. Additionally, making the checklist helps you prioritize. With so much to do, sometimes you have to make choices about how to spend your time. The checklist will help you figure out the most important tasks to do first. On top of all that, your checklist will ensure that nothing slips through the cracks. If all the important items are on your checklist, then you will always be sure to get them done. Things to put on your checklist might include the home inspection, loan approval, truck rental, packing goals, change of address forms and more.

4. Label Your Boxes

Because packing is such an overwhelming task, you will spend most of your time and energy on it. While you are going room by room during the packing, you can take your organizational prowess to the next level. To do this, be sure to label your boxes. Labeling your boxes is a small step, but it is easy to overlook. You should write the name of the room where the belongings originate. In other words, you will want to label a box of clothes for the bedroom. A box of plates should be marked for the kitchen. You might also want to indicate other things with labels. If an item is fragile, a label can make sure everyone knows to handle it with care. You may also choose to label important items you need right away. This could include personal items, cookware and more. Labeling takes a little extra time upfront, but it will save you loads of time on the back end.

5. Have Contingency Plans

Planning will help you solve a lot of problems before they start. However, even the best laid plans will inevitably go awry at some point. With so many working parts during a removal, something is likely to turn out differently than planned. This is why it is absolutely essential to create room in your plans for contingencies. Contingencies are backup plans. They provide you an alternative option when your first choice does not turn out as planned. Some contingencies have to be big. For example, what are you going to do if there are problems with the home inspection? What will happen if your loan falls through? These factors can impact the very core of your removal. Smaller problems should also be factored into your plans. What happens if it rains? What will you do if the rental truck is not available? Thinking about these questions, even if they are unlikely, will help you cope with anything that comes your way during the removal.

6. Let the Professionals Handle the Hard Stuff

Finally, if this is your first removal, then you may think you have to do it all yourself. While you are responsible for a lot of the details of your removal, there are some things you can leave to others. In particular, if you are planning your first Sydney removal, you should leave the heavy lifting to Giraffe Removals. At Giraffe Removals, we employ a team of top-notch removalists. We can make sure all your items are safely handled during the big event. You can even hire us for additional tasks such as packing or cleaning. It does cost money to hire professional removalists, but the outcome is far preferable. Without having to do so much of the physical labor, you are free to deal with the other details of the removal. Get a quote for your first Sydney removal by contacting the team at Giraffe Removals today.