When relocating in Sydney, you will spend most of your time on the interior of your home. You will be packing boxes and disassembling furniture. This focus is for good reason. However, before you finally ship out on removal day, you may want to give the exterior of your home a second look. Here is what you need to watch for when it comes to your home’s exterior during any removal.

1. Even Your Path 

Start by inspecting the common walking paths in and around your home. These paths are already heavily used, but they will be your lifeline during your removal. You will want to make sure that the paths are safe for constant usage. Uneven pavement or debris can be serious impediments during your move. After all, you are not merely walking on these paths. You have to carry boxes and furniture up and down these paths. Take some time to even these paths out for your protection.

2. Move Your Plants

While most people assume that things on the exterior of the house stay after a removal, this does not necessarily have to be the case. You will want to pack up any lawn equipment or ornamentation that you wish to take with you. Moreover, in some cases, it is possible to also bring some amount of plant life. In most situations, this is limited to flowers. You will want to check the regulations for moving plants in your area. Then, if the move is permissible, pack up the plants in a special way. You will want to move the plants separately in the car in order to minimize messes and bugs on the truck.

3. Protect Your Grass

While sidewalks and paths are primed for walking, your grass is another story. A nice green yard or other foliage add to the curb appeal of your home. However, these areas can easily be damaged during the hustle and bustle of a removal. Therefore, take measures to minimize damage. Lay down tarps, ramps or other temporary walking surfaces. This can keep the grass underneath safe, and it can also make your removal more streamlined. You should take such measures at your old home out of consideration for the new residents. You should also take such precautions at your new home in order to preserve its charm.

4. Watch the Weather

Another factor that can affect your home’s exterior during a removal is weather. First of all, you will want to make sure you have sufficient cover. If rain is expected, then try to take extra measures to protect your grass. Walking through wet grass is not only damaging to the grass, but it can also track in mud and gunk all over your floors. This is best avoided for your sake and the new owner’s sake. There is no way to control the weather of your removal, but you should be prepared for whatever the conditions offer.

5. Park the Vehicles

Take a second look at your parking situation. If you have a garage, then you may want to use it for the removal. The garage entrance may be easier to navigate than your front door. If the weather is questionable, the garage can provide additional coverage. Do not park your cars where the moving truck needs to go. Therefore, you may need to rely on street parking during the actual moving event. If this is the case, then be sure there is sufficient space for your vehicle and any vehicles of your friends and family helping out. You will want to make sure your vehicles are accessible without keeping them cluttered in your walkways.

6. Measure Your Doors

As you move items in and out of your home, your doors will play a critical role. Make sure that all your belongings will fit through these passageways. Measure your doors and compare those measurements against your largest pieces. You may also want to take your doors off their hinges. This will provide a few inches of additional clearance, which can prove extremely beneficial on removal day. Moreover, when you are moving, you will be going in and out quite often. Taking the doors off may streamline the process by saving you time and hassle.

7. Chart all Paths

Most of the time, you probably enter your home by a single entrance. However, if you have multiple entrances, you should take them all into consideration during a removal. Which one is the largest? Which door is most accessible? How many are available? You will need your largest door for your largest items. You may also want to make sure that all doors are accessible in order to allow for numerous people to enter and exit simultaneously.

8. Get expert help

At Giraffe Removals, we can help with your next move from the inside out. We are expert removalists, and we are proud to serve Sydney and beyond. To learn more about how removalists can help you prepare the interior and exterior of your home, give us a call today. We are the removalists you need for your Sydney relocation!