Furniture Removal Sydney

If you have a Sydney removal coming up, then you are probably already packing up. However, as you put all your belongings into boxes, you may realize just how much stuff you have lying around. While you will definitely want to keep some of it, you may start to ask if you need all of it. In fact, it may be time to start downsizing a few items. This can make your removal easier, and it can also give you a fresh start in your new Sydney home.

Have a Garage Sale Before Your Furniture Removal

Garage sales are a great way to downsize. These do-it-yourself sales can be done in your front yard, driveway or garage. All you have to do is set up the items you want to sell, slap on a few price tags and advertise. Pick a good date for your sale, and be sure to post plenty of signs. You can even list your sale on local websites and with local newspapers in order to generate enough traffic. To really get rid of items, be willing to negotiate. Garage sales attract lots of bargain hunters.

Organize a Private Sale

For bigger ticket items, you may want to try a private sale. There are many websites designed to facilitate private sales, and you will generally have better luck with items that are in high demand. This is a great way to sell bicycles, sports equipment, furniture or even vehicles. When listing something privately, be sure to pick the right platform and follow all the rules and guidelines. If you need to sell your items quickly, then be sure to price to sell. You can look at similar items for sale and mark your prices lower.

Gift Items to Friends and Family

While you are trying to pack up your items, you may come across things that remind you of other people. If this is the case, then consider gifting those items to your loved ones. Maybe you have a vase that you know your sister has loved for years. Your best friend could have a broken food processor, and yours is hardly used. Parting with items can even be fun and meaningful when you give them to people you care about and love. This way, you know your items are going to a good home!

Invest in Storage Solutions

If you have too many belongings but you are not quite ready to part with them, you still have options. You can keep your new home from being cluttered after the removal by investing in storage instead. There are plenty of storage facilities in Sydney that you can rent on a monthly or yearly basis. Many of these units are quite affordable, and you can store the things you do not use as often instead of letting those items accumulate in your new home. Storage may cost a little money, but many people appreciate having the extra space without having to sacrifice the items they so dearly love.

Donate Unwanted Items

In the end, if you still have unwanted items before your Sydney removal, then it may be time to donate them. There are organizations in Sydney that accept used items. You may not make any money when you donate an item, but you can be confident that your belongings will still get plenty of good use. When looking to donate, check with the organization’s policy. Not all items may be eligible for donation, and items may need to be in good condition.

Hire a Professional Removalist

If you find that you cannot part with your personal items, you still do not have to worry about moving them. Instead, you can make your Sydney removal easy with a professional removalist. At Giraffe Removals, we have helped people all over Sydney with their moves. It does not matter how much stuff you have. Giraffe Removals will help you get the job done.