Have you ever moved houses? It does not matter if you are moving near or far, very little or too much, the experience can be very stressful because there is so much involved in it. It can cause stress to every member of the family, so you need to know how best to cope with the pressure.

Stress related to the move will be coming from different things. To minimise it, you have to be aware of these potential stresses, so that you can prepare and protect yourself effectively:

  • Financial Stress: The cost of the move can be very painful and if you are not prepared, the financial aspect of the move will be a true burden. Part of the plan you write should take note of the expenses: packing supplies, movers cost, cleaning cost and all other expenses that are related to the move. You need to allot a budget for everything so that you do not end up overspending.
  • Physical Stress: The physical stress of the move is related to the amount of work involved with the move. Packing causes the bulk of your physical stress. You need to equip yourself with a perfect plan and system to be able to carry things out efficiently. The actual move, during the moving day is also very stressful, especially if you are trying to oversee everyone’s work. The travelling and hauling is physically gruelling. Even if you hired professional haulers, it can still be very draining. Unpacking is also very stressful. As carefully as you put everything into the boxes, you are supposed to take them out and put them in their proper places. Finally, the cleaning involved with the move is another physically draining activity. You have to clean the old house and tidy up the new one before you move in and again after you have completely unpacked. Finding some help, professionally or from relatives and friends, will greatly reduce physical stress. Affording yourself with a good timetable will also help distribute the stress and exhaustion levels.
  • Emotional Stress: You may not have thought much about this but the emotional stress that the move brings is also something to consider. After building years’ worth of memories in the old house, everyone must now pack-up and leave them behind. It is not easy. It is not going to be easy for you and it is not going to be easy for the children and everyone else moving. Inasmuch as you can, you will need to find ways to lower the emotional stress the move is causing. Focusing on how the new place is so much more interesting and the possibilities it offers can make it a bit easier to properly part with the old house.
  • Mental Stress: This is often neglected but your mental preparedness will make the move less stressful. The move will involve so much work and you need to be mentally ready by preparing a plan that will allow for things to go smoothly. You need to be systematic when choosing your movers, making address updates and changes to accounts, and so forth. Having a well-prepared plan can unburden your mind since you don’t have to think of things as much once you have committed them on paper.

Moving houses is very stressful—that is a given fact. You do, however, have some control on the amount and impact of the stress on you and your family. Preparation and planning will go a long way in making the move go smoothly and pleasant.

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