Many people still don’t realise that they have other alternatives than doing it themselves when moving. The moving process has gotten a lot easier because there are now many professional removalists for you to hire. However, despite this new reality, many people still need convincing that a professional removalist is a much better alternative than trying to do it themselves. The problem is that most people overestimate their moving skills. By the time reality gets them in the face, it is already too late to hire a professional removalist cost-effectively. It is crucial to take the obvious step because a professional makes the process easy in all phases of the moving process. Are you willing to take on the risk and trouble of doing everything yourself?

Planning a Move Yourself vs. Using a Professional Removalist

How you plan your Sydney move will be a lot different if you are doing it yourself compared to hiring a professional removalist. When you do it yourself, you will be a lot more stressed, and there will be many more unknown variables for you to think about. On top of that, if this is your first move, you might be missing steps that you could never even think about. The simplest things might seem obvious to a professional removalist, but they won’t even register in your mind. It is the old adage about known unknowns and unknown unknowns. Professionals know the things about moving that you don’t even know. The planning stage involves you trying to coordinate the truck, manpower, and equipment. Unless you are moving from a small studio, you will likely have a lot of furniture you want to take for your Sydney move. A professional Sydney removalist makes it possible for you to have peace of mind during the planning stage. The planning stage is where you make a budget and conjure up all the resources needed to get the job done. You might even start jotting down a list of people you want to call to help you. However, can you rely on those people to show up and help you?

The Preparations

As mentioned above, when you are doing it yourself, the preparation phase is typically the most complicated. It requires that you figure out what type of truck you will need based on your estimation of the stuff you have. After figuring out the type of truck needed, you will likely have to figure out which people will help you. After that, you might even need to look into specialty tools for moving certain appliances. The problem is that doing it yourself means not knowing what equipment is already out there. Despite having a really good plan, you might end up missing something important that would have made your life a lot easier with this move.

Preparing when you hire a professional removalist is a lot easier. It only requires that you call them and tell them what you need. They will then come at the allotted time and do everything required. You don’t even have to think about how scary it would be to drive a moving truck by yourself across town during your Sydney move.

Getting the Manpower Needed to Move

Moving is usually the time that friends and family dread the most. There is almost nothing worse than getting a call from a friend or family member to come over and help with the move. You know it will be a day of lifting heavy furniture in the hot sun without hardly any rest. It is just a cumbersome and awful time that most people don’t want to experience. What if there was an easier way for you to get the necessary manpower for your move? Wouldn’t it be great for you to get your move done without having to bother your friends or family? This is what hiring a professional does.

A professional Sydney removalist will have a qualified team of strong people to complete your move. They will do the heavy lifting, and you only have to play the role of a coordinator to help them know where to put things. It eases your mind, and you no longer have to worry about fighting with your friends or family because they don’t even want to be there helping you.

Transporting Your Stuff the Destination

Driving is another area where a professional Sydney removalist makes it a lot easier for you to relax and enjoy the moving process. Driving a truck filled with your stuff is always going to be a nerve-racking experience. What if you crash? What if the truck breaks down? All of these things will fill your mind with panic. A few lucky people will have friends or family who are confident enough to drive that truck. However, there are liability questions involved during that process.

Special Considerations

There are other special considerations you need to make when doing things yourself. For example, what will you do about certain heavy appliances that need to be lifted? How will you carry them? Are you on the top floor of your building? Does your building have an elevator? These questions have a profound impact on how easy or difficult your move will be. It is a major difference between moving from the first floor and carrying your heavy couch down the stairs. That is especially true when you are doing with it your friends who may not have the experience or strength to carry that many things down the stairs. It gets even worse when figuring out how to move items that might be impossible for two or even three people to lift without special equipment.

A professional Sydney removalist simplifies this step because they will come ready with the people needed to move heavy appliances and furniture. In fact, many have specialized tools that make this process easy. That means you won’t spend hours trying to get any of your heavy furniture or items down the stairs. It will be quite simple for you, making the process easy and accessible.

Moving Extra Special Items

Fragile items are quite often a problem for people moving as well. Are you sure you want to risk handling your fragile items by yourself? You might have extra special glass cups that you want to preserve. You might even have special paintings or valuables that are extra fragile to handle. Either way, a professional Sydney removalist will have the tools and skills needed to get these things done quickly. They have a wealth of experience moving these types of items, so they will know exactly what to do to minimize the chance that any of your items will get damaged.


Insurance is another major issue when it comes to moving. The overwhelming majority of people will not have insurance in case something bad happens. If you are driving the truck by yourself, there is a significant chance that something terrible will happen during that process. This is where hiring a professional removalist comes into play. A professional removalist will have insurance that protects your belongings on your journey. However, they are also much more skilled than you will ever be at moving, meaning that the chance of something being damaged is almost nonexistent. This is especially important if you move many fragile items from one place to the next.

Do You Really Save Money Doing It Yourself?

The main reason people choose not to use a professional removalist is the price. It is true that you pay more money hiring a professional, but that does not consider the other factors that matter. Hiring a professional removalist is going to have a very positive effect on your peace of mind. On top of that, it will really transform how you look at the moving process. The stress you avoid by hiring a professional is nothing compared to what would happen if you did it by yourself and had problems. Many people don’t think in terms of mental health, but it matters when it comes to moving. It also matters if you are working and need to take time off. You could be working and earning extra money instead of dealing with the move. On top of that, you put yourself at great risk for injury if you lift heavy stuff on your own.

Experience Matters In Moving

Experience matters in the moving process. Many people don’t seem to understand how important it is to have a lot of experience when it comes to moving to the Sydney area. A professional Sydney removalist will have completed hundreds or even thousands of moving jobs. That experience matters because they will be able to solve problems more quickly and easily than you ever could. When you hire a professional, you end up coordinating your move instead of spending time putting out fires. It goes a lot more smoothly, and you don’t have to worry about spending extra money because something unforeseen has come up. A professional ensures you cover all of your bases, which is why it is much cheaper than doing it yourself.