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How to label your boxes when relocating within Sydney

How to label your boxes when relocating within Sydney

Labelling boxes when in the process of relocating can make the job exponentially easy especially with organising, packing and loading boxes. It goes without saying that if you want to ensure that you move without a hassle good organisation […]

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Tips for relocating your office in Sydney

Tips for relocating your office in Sydney

Moving your office premises from one place to the next in Sydney can certainly be a challenge. Perhaps the biggest challenge for a business is to ensure that they experience the least amount of downtime during the move. So, ideally the move […]

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How to choose the right removalist in Inner West Sydney

Choose the right removalist in Inner West Sydney

Inner West Sydney is the city’s metropolitan, a business district known for being the headquarters of many large and medium-sized corporations. The sheer size of the area coupled with the fact that it’s one of the busiest places in the city […]

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Stuff You Shouldn’t Pack When You Are Moving

When moving, you can definitely save on expenses if you pack your stuff yourself, but if you do decide to do it yourself, it is very important to know what not to pack. Moving experts are educated to search for regular household items which are actually hazardous and oftentimes illegal to ship. Staying proactive with […]

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How You Can Turn the New House into Your New Home

Moving day is right around the corner and you are beginning to be a bit sentimental. You are aware that it is time for a change, but you cannot envision ye your new house feeling like a home. Giraffe Removals & Storage can help you move quickly and efficiently, and with these 5 ideas on […]

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How to Properly Pack Electronics During a Move

Maybe to you it is nothing more than a tangled bunch of cords choking dust bunnies at the back of your TV stand. But to some people, especially the techies, electronics are everything! Moreover, they happen to be quite costly and extremely susceptible to damage. That is why the Giraffe Removals team takes packing electronics […]

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Preventing Damage When Moving

Planning on how you are going to move around appliances for an approaching renovations without scratching the flooring? Perhaps you are thinking about how you can best pack your home equipment, large and small, for your upcoming transfer. In either case, regardless of whether you are moving home equipment and devices around your home or […]

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Tips On Lifting Objects Safely

When moving, you might decide to pack and afterwards do the lifting yourself. While doing so might save you some time or money, if you lift or pick up a heavy item improperly and carelessly you may end up straining a joint or muscle or worse, suffer long-term injury to your upper limbs or back. […]

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Moving House 101

People go through various changes throughout their lives and moving houses is a common change. Going through the following process will help you transition smoothly:

Step 1: Write a plan. With every endeavour, it is best to have a good and well thought plan because it will give you purpose and direction. Writing a plan may […]

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How to Pack When Moving Houses

Moving can be chaotic. On the day of the move, the house will be emptied and all your things will be loaded in the truck to be moved to the new place. The whole process seems fairly simple, but it can only run smoothly when it is backed up by thorough preparation and a solid […]

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