Stuff You Shouldn’t Pack When You Are Moving

When moving, you can definitely save on expenses if you pack your stuff yourself, but if you do decide to do it yourself, it is very important to know what not to pack. Moving experts are educated to search for regular household items which are actually hazardous and oftentimes illegal to ship. Staying proactive with the planning process will greatly […]

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How You Can Turn the New House into Your New Home

Moving day is right around the corner and you are beginning to be a bit sentimental. You are aware that it is time for a change, but you cannot envision ye your new house feeling like a home. Giraffe Removals & Storage can help you move quickly and efficiently, and with these 5 ideas on how to turn your new […]

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How to Properly Pack Electronics During a Move

Maybe to you it is nothing more than a tangled bunch of cords choking dust bunnies at the back of your TV stand. But to some people, especially the techies, electronics are everything! Moreover, they happen to be quite costly and extremely susceptible to damage. That is why the Giraffe Removals team takes packing electronics quite seriously.

For all the times […]

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Preventing Damage When Moving

Planning on how you are going to move around appliances for an approaching renovations without scratching the flooring? Perhaps you are thinking about how you can best pack your home equipment, large and small, for your upcoming transfer. In either case, regardless of whether you are moving home equipment and devices around your home or across the city or state, […]

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Tips On Lifting Objects Safely

When moving, you might decide to pack and afterwards do the lifting yourself. While doing so might save you some time or money, if you lift or pick up a heavy item improperly and carelessly you may end up straining a joint or muscle or worse, suffer long-term injury to your upper limbs or back. We hope that the following […]

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Moving House 101

People go through various changes throughout their lives and moving houses is a common change. Going through the following process will help you transition smoothly:

Step 1: Write a plan. With every endeavour, it is best to have a good and well thought plan because it will give you purpose and direction. Writing a plan may seem like a waste of […]

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How to Pack When Moving Houses

Moving can be chaotic. On the day of the move, the house will be emptied and all your things will be loaded in the truck to be moved to the new place. The whole process seems fairly simple, but it can only run smoothly when it is backed up by thorough preparation and a solid plan. The core of your […]

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Pros and Cons of Hiring Movers

When moving houses or offices, you have the option to do things on your own and have total control over all aspect of the move or you can choose to hire different relocation service providers to make the job easier. For your hauling needs, you can hire movers; and for the tedious cleaning, you can also call someone to carry […]

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Removal Training: Are Your Movers Properly Equipped?

If you are scheduled to move houses or offices, you will be dealing with a great deal of physical work. There is so much work involved when you are moving: the packing/unpacking, the hauling, and the cleaning can be quite gruelling. Any help that you can get will surely make a difference on how the moving experience will be for […]

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How to Choose a Moving Company

Moving is a lot of work. Whether you are moving homes or offices, it can bring a lot of stress so it is nice when you are able to work with someone who can effectively lighten the load.

Working with a moving company is an essential decision to any relocation project. Sure, you can do things on your own; you can […]

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Dealing with the Stress of Moving

Have you ever moved houses? It does not matter if you are moving near or far, very little or too much, the experience can be very stressful because there is so much involved in it. It can cause stress to every member of the family, so you need to know how best to cope with the pressure.

Stress related to the […]

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Moving Houses: Preparation is Key

In every endeavour you take, preparation is key. In a very stressful and tedious relocation project, it will be important for you to work with a plan. It is a process and in order for you to smoothly transition from the old house to the new one, you will need to be prepared—you need to be equipped with the right […]

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Commercial Move: How to Move Your Business

Commercial moves are very tedious and they can be stressful. To be able to manage it well, you will need to be organised and you should be armed with a well-prepared plan.

Planning the Move

Planning is essential because it will give you purpose and direction. It keeps everything in place, it helps you avoid problems, and it helps prepare you for […]

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Are We Ready to Move to the New House?

If you are moving to a new house and a completely new place, there are a lot of things you need to trouble yourself with. Those who are moving usually just think of the actual move, so they focus on the packing, the movers and forget a number of things. It is going to be important that you give the […]

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Organising a Checklist Before Moving Homes

Moving, whether you are moving a home or a business, can be very stressful. There is much you need to concern yourself with and it could be quite overwhelming. When there is much to do and very little time and assistance to do this, you will be helped greatly if you are armed with a well-prepared checklist. Committing the things […]

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